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We had a fun day shooting at sparkhouse based in Minneapolis. Who is sparkhouse? They develop faith information resources for children, youth and adults. They strive to spark new life in Christian communities. We highlighted the beautiful design work from Replace.



We were honored to create a film about REPLACE a creative agency based in Minneapolis. Their Core belief: We exist to improve+replace the status quo by reinventing, redefining and reigniting a passionate response for existing brands or partnering to launch a completely new concept.

We just love Jeff and the entire team at Replace. Enjoy.


The story of the Davis food Coop in California. This home town Coop was born in the seventies and has grown to be a leader in the City of Davis. Meet the wonderful people who make this Coop home. This Coop saw a challenge in 2010 with a Whole Foods and Trader Joes moving into their area and decided to rise to the challenge with the help of the design team Replace, formerly known as Spunk Design.

Pacific Union International

I’m excited to share my most recent motion project for Pacific Union International. The project was to convey the 6 different regions that Pacific Union International represents in an interesting, hip cool way. Biking was a good way to communicate movement, show property, landscapes and lifestyles.



It was a wonderful shoot working with Charlie Brackney and his creative team from HAUS Salon. Charlie’s vision for the Fall Winter 2011 Collection was inspired by Alexander McQueen. I collaborated with Steve Niedorf, who handled the jib and camera on the motion shoot. It truely was a team effort. Here are a few stills from the shoot and the motion project.


Now I know why fitness videos are so tough on the crew! Tons of mirrors, looking at fit people all day, did I mention all the mirrors? We had a blast filming the Skulligirl workout video with trainer Eric Kraut from EKFitness360. I think it’s a great new routine for those stuck in a rut, plus it got my butt to the gym! That’s a project win win.

The Lowbrow

Working on our first stop-motion piece was a blast! 4 days of painting, one great interview by Jonathan from Aesthetic Apparatus, and a little bit of dancing was all we needed to see the creation of this classic paint by numbers mural. Watch the video to find out, why the bear? Enjoy.