We are so excited to share a project that we did this past fall for the Mayo Clinic Executive Health Program. We were fortunate enough to meet three amazing Doctors who work at the various Mayo Executive Health Clinics in Rochester MN, Scottsdale AZ and Jacksonville FL. We were a lean crew, just three of us, John and Stephanie shooting A and B camera and one amazing Art Director, Karl Wolf from Fellow. Audio recordings were recorded by us in our location sound booth, that’s the Escalade we rented. Thank you Fellow for being such great collaborators on this project.




I shot this harvest/holiday campaign this summer at a gorgeous house in Minnetonka. These beautiful sets were styled by Diane Heath and Nicole UpHoff. What a fantastic day we had.


Why haven’t I posted in months? We have been busy shooting stills and creating a video for the Mayo Clinic Executive Health Program. We have been on the road, from Jacksonville Florida, one week before the hurricane hit, then off to Scottsdale Arizona, then down to Rochester Minnesota. Some 6,676 miles later, a few dozen hours editing, we created a video piece we are proud of. Hopefully we will get final approval and will be posting soon.